Often times in life we spend a lot of time waiting for things, especially during the hustle and bustle of preparations for Christmas.


-In line at the grocery store

-To get gas for your car

-For your car to be fixed

-For a friend to get off the phone

-For someone to stop and visit you

-For a repairman to fix something

-For the school day or the work day to end

-For vacation to start

-For the day you can get your license

-For the day you will get married

-For your first child to arrive

We can learn some things in our waiting.

Sometimes the Lord may be showing us

–that we need to slow down a little and

–shift our focus to Him.

We can do this, especially when we’re waiting in lines.

Have you ever said a little prayer for the cashier or taken a moment to talk to the person next to you in line? Try it next time you are waiting; you will be blessed as well as blessing another!


Photo credit by Tito & Eva Marie Balangue under Creative License (CC BY 2.0)

I think it is also interesting to think about how the Lord could also be calling us to reflect on how He waits for us so patiently…

–For us to recognize Him in our lives

–To surrender our lives to Him

–To talk to Him

–To spend time with Him

–To recognize Him in our lives

–To accept the great love He has for us.

“The LORD waits for you to come to Him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the LORD is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for Him to help them.” (Isaiah 30:18)


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