Have you ever noticed and experienced how God’s timing is always perfect?
It strengthens my faith to see God work things out in His perfect time which might NOT be our time.
It seems even more amazing to me because I’ve heard recently and thought about how…
God is not bound by time.
God is outside of time.
God created time.
Despite these things, God is still in charge and God’s perfect timing rules in our lives.
This past week, at least three times this theme of God’s perfect timing revealed itself in my life.  They are “small” things, but I love being able to see God at work, which makes my heart happy and strengthens my faith.
For those that may have noticed, my goal is to post a writing either late Wednesday or Thursday depending on my schedule. Last week, I ended up working an extra day and I was waiting feedback on my rough draft. God is slowly teaching me to be patient and not be so concerned with WHEN I post.  If it isn’t until late Thursday night, it is still okay.
That is exactly what happened last week. It ended up being Thursday evening before I posted.  It seemed like it was within a half hour of when I posted, I got a Facebook message from a Third Day Gomer friend who said she just read my post and that it was just what she needed at that moment!

I thought….

Wow…Isn’t God awesome?! God’s perfect timing!

Posting when I did was all part of His perfect timing!  This gal needed that encouragement right at that moment.

The friend and I conversed a few times, and she shared about some things she was struggling with. I told her I would be praying for her.
She sure blessed me with sharing how she was encouraged through that writing and other ones, and I believe that her knowing I am praying for her is helping her through things too.
God’s perfect timing once again occurred on Sunday at church.
There were two Bible passages from my blog post last week that were read in church. That seems to happen a lot, and I think….Wow….Out of ALL the Bible verses, the one I just chose is one that is mentioned?

Wow…Isn’t God awesome?! God’s perfect timing!

perfect timing
Photo credit by Sara Gillins under Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)  Words added by hopetoinspireyou.wordpress.com


A few weeks before Christmas, I was at a local store. The cashier and I got talking and I learned that the Dr. wanted her one child to have a feeding tube. She really felt they shouldn’t do it, and I shocked myself by saying I agreed with her. In talking with her, I really felt her mother’s intuition was the right thing. We actually talked longer than my order and when I left I told her I would be praying for her.
Just yesterday I was at the same store. With God’s perfect timing, I was so happy to realize that I was in that same ladies line that I talked to before Christmas.  I asked her about her son, and I got an update for which I was thankful. So far they have not done the feeding tube.  She thanked me for asking about her son, and I said I was going to continue to pray.

Wow…Isn’t God awesome?!  God’s perfect timing!


A few weeks ago the same gal I referenced in my first sharing above tweeted me a message out of the blue, saying she was thinking of me.
It was actually at a time I was feeling stressed about things that were going on. It brightened my day and made me see God’s love through her.

Wow…Isn’t God awesome?! God’s perfect timing!



What examples can you think of in your own life where you have experienced God’s perfect timing?
So, though God is not bound by time and God even exists outside of time, God’s perfect timing reigns in our lives!

Let us try to not be so concerned with OUR timing, but God’s perfect timing.

We need to continue to be faithful, serving others in prayer and deed.

God is above all, knows all, and is in charge of all!  We need to trust Him!

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”  –Revelation 1:8  (NIV)


  1. I just started reading Revelation and just read this verse! Obviously God’s perfect timing is at work. There are many times when I start contemplating the big “What Ifs” in my life and think I could have controlled or changed the outcome somehow. But it really is God’s timing and not ours. It is such a difficult lesson to learn – but it brings such peace along with it.


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