As I was watching this final season of American Idol, the theme of SECOND CHANCES resonated with me.
I thought about how bittersweet this final season is for many of the contestants. It is their one last shot of trying to make it to fame and notoriety.
From what I’ve seen so far, I think this final season has definitely inspired many younger people, as in the 15 to  17 age group, to audition for the show. It makes sense that they figure they might as well try out since it is their last chance with this type of venue. This is a great opportunity for them to give it their all and see what happens.
The show has highlighted some people who have come back this year, who for them, is providing them with a second chance at making it to Hollywood.  Some have even previously made it all the way to Hollywood when their dream came to an end. They want to see if they can get even further this year.
And with this being the final season of American Idol, many are saddened by the fact that they will never have an opportunity for a second chance like others have in years past.


All these thoughts of SECOND CHANCES made me think of our relationship with the Lord.
I think it is a good thing to reflect on how God gives us SECOND CHANCES in our lives.
Think about the most important time in your life when God provided a second chance for you.
That point in your life when you were ready to accept Him into your life and heart.
At that moment, He forgave you from all your sin! That is the ultimate reason why Jesus came to this earth….to give us a second chance to live with Him forever in Heaven.
It would be nice if once we accepted Jesus, we did not sin anymore, but Jesus is the only person who walked this earth that did NOT sin. That is because He is also God.
But you know that He appeared so that He might take away our sins. And in Him is no sin. –1 John 3:5  (NIV)
As much as I think we humans strive to be “perfect” and not sin, that is not possible on this earth. It seems like because of this, everyday we are given second chances.
second chances
Maybe SECOND CHANCES can be viewed in two ways…
….One being more where we have wronged someone in some way
….One being opportunities where God’s intervening is evident
What SECOND CHANCES has God given you today where you have wronged someone?
…the time you caught yourself gossiping about a co-worker?
…the time you caught yourself cursing at the driver who cut you off?
…the time you lost your temper with your child or spouse?
…the time you were speeding because you were running late?
…the time you ignored the homeless person on the street because you were in a hurry?
These are times when our second chances are opportunities to ask the Lord and maybe another person for forgiveness.
We can start each day anew with a renewed love of the Lord and others. In doing this, we can once again experience the fullness of the blessings of the Lord .
What SECOND CHANCES has God given where you have seen Him intervene in your life?
…A chance to renew a strained family relationship?
…A healing with a health issue?
…A freedom from an addiction?
…A pursuing of a new career path for your life where God is calling you?
…A protection from a disaster that you saw coming?

These second chances are pure blessings from the Lord to help increase our faith and show the Creator’s mighty power.


May we strive to live as Jesus loving and serving all we meet and giving it our all, just like the contestants on American Idol.
May we always be thankful to the Lord for ALL the second chances He provides for us,  just like the contestants on American Idol who are so thankful for their second chances.
May we always strive to live in peace and honor the Lord in all that we do.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. –John 3:16 (NIV)


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