As Christians, we have the responsibility and honor to reflect and be Christ to one another—no matter what our age, lot in life or condition.
When you look in the mirror, do you see Christ’s reflection in yourself?
Just as each of us is unique and different from everyone else, so is the form that Christ takes in each of us.
We are not all meant to reflect Christ in the same way since we all have different gifts. As a side note, it is important to remember that ALL gifts are just as important. That is something I’ve had to remind myself of recently. In our humanness, I think it’s easy to think that one gift is more important than another.
Did you ever get caught up trying to find Christ in others the same way you feel you are Christ to others?
If we stop to think about it, someone else might reflect Christ to us in a whole different way, enabling us to possibly grow in how we might then reflect Christ in a new way.
Have you stopped to think about how you see Christ’s reflection in others?
Or how you reflect Christ to others in your life?
When I go work at the soup kitchen once a month, I see Christ’s reflection in the people who plan and organize the food for the meal, go get the food from the food bank, prepare and serve it.
I see Christ’s reflection in the gentleman who faithfully serves the drinks each month despite his physical set backs.
When I volunteer at a school once a week, I see Christ’s reflection in the teachers who are so patient with the students, addressing kindly every issue a child has.
When I go to church, I see Christ’s reflection in the music minister who has served faithfully in the same position for over 28 years coordinating and providing worship music.
When I go to run an errand, I see Christ’s reflection in the cashier who wishes me a nice day.
When I go to visit someone who is home bound, I see Christ’s reflection in the way they gracefully keep positive and ask about how my family is doing being genuinely concerned.
When I meet a friend for breakfast, I see Christ’s reflection in the fact that they’ve cared to keep in touch and even gift me with an inspiring book.
When I reach out to a friend for a specific prayer request, I see Christ’s reflection when they respond back and say they are praying.
When I reach out to my editor or a friend asking for an honest opinion on my thoughts, I see Christ’s reflection when they give constructive input which makes the ideas come together even better.
Christ reflection
Sunrise at Virginia Beach, VA  Photo credit: Christine Fisher
Have you ever gone to visit someone to reflect Christ to them, and you end up seeing Christ’s reflection in them? How is it that they ended up ministering to you–just through their attitude or their outlook with their situation? I am always blessed in seeing Christ’s reflection in those that I go to minister to…they truly reflect Christ to me through their life and example.
There is only one Christ–the same Christ that can work through each one of us in different ways, reflecting Him to all we meet, if we allow Him. We are each needed to make the Body of Christ and reflect Him in all we do.
And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into His likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.  –2 Cori 3:18


  1. I see Christi’s reflection every time an “anonymous” bouquet of flowers shows up at my doorstep!! It is in the kindness of a friend who I know is always there for me to talk to….and will be there just to listen 🙂 Thank you for being that friend!


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